Your Boy In The Play By Leena Jasme, Arif Aziz, Mustafa Bahadon

Siri’s novel adaptation drama series & # 39; Your Girl & # 39; Watch, every Sunday from 7pm to 7pm on TV1.


Title: This is your face

Episode: 13 Episodes

Release Date: January 25, 2020

Showtimes: Thursday, Sunday, 7pm

TV Broadcast: TV1 Widget Slots (RTM)

Director: Bade Hj Azmi

Product: Ada Production Sdn Bhd

Photos: Lianna Jasmee, Arif Aziz, Mustaf Bahadin, Nira Azizi, Salafini Usman, Doria Rachel Jolie, Sheila Hassan, Razzaq Ahmed, Esia Hussna, Raja Azmi, Zaidi Omar, Aida Khalida, Azaran A. Rehman, Mirza Azhari, Yumana Iona. Hashim


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As Liana as Sarah

Arif, dear as Ari Akasha

Mustafa Bahadin as Arif Shah

The world as a sweetheart

Selphini Usman as Dr. Marilyana

Sheila Hassan as Mrs. Pure

Aida Khaleda as Mrs. Edda

Zedi Omar as Solomon

As an expression leela

Shah Azmi as McMom

Datin Hanesa as Yamuna Iona

Iona Hashim as Mona


Find out what you find


Tells a girl who faces many challenges in her life. The challenge began when the person he loved.


Sara and Tina’s friendship was good and close in the beginning. However, recently they feel that their relationship is strained. Exactly what happened?


Sarah’s phone is broken, who did? Who is ok Eri is so arrogant and proud, why? Sara’s father Sara is in the hospital, whom is he meeting?


After falling in love with Ikram, getting to know Arif Shah makes Sara’s heart throb. When this person’s presence began to fade, Sara’s heart ached when she heard that Arif Shah would be joining Marlena.


At the suggestion of Mr Rumley and Mr Solomon, Sarah married Eri Akash, a man of pride, pride and Anna. Unexpectedly, after Sara’s marriage to Ariel’s sky, Sarah’s family left her in miserable condition. Hated by her husband and family members, Sarah is lonely. Unsure of his feelings and the orders of Mr. Solomon’s soul, Sara is confused about what to do.


The presence of the temple confused Sarah. Who exactly is the Temple? What is the relationship with Sarah at Temple? With Tasha’s presence, the wife’s patience was once again heightened by the desire to claim Ari Aksha’s love. Is there still room for forgiveness in the heart of Erikshah for his ex-girlfriend?


Will Eriksha’s fiancée be away from Sarah’s antidote or vice versa? How does Sarah deal with endless problems with her patience?


That actress you are that girl



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