Kamal Adeley was not married to drama, Hannah Delisha

Seminal Novel Novel & # 39; Not Merried Forces & # 39; Looking forward to the adaptation of, this will be the entry level for Listing TV3. Kamal Adeley and Hannah Delisha offer a pair. The 13-episode drama has been directed by Global Station SDN Bhid’s Aidura Abdul Rahman.



Title: No Closed House
Episode: 13 Episodes
Release Date: February 2020
TV Broadcast: TV3 Lestary Slot
Novel Writer: Semanthorizmil
Director: Adura Abdul Rahman
Product: Global Station Sdn Bhd

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Wonderful Adley volunteers (Ada)

Hannah Delisha as Dari Safia

Daniel Daschke as Ryan

Elijah Faith as Ariana

Okotoia Munros as Nata

Azif volunteers as honorable men

The death of Mustafa as a tragedy

Jasper Sopah ah as Vee

Diya Ardina as Eli

The sinus is not closed to it



At first, they find themselves in unpleasant situations, which makes them enemies. Due to an incorrect email, they became best friends in cyberspace. They will even fall in love with a phone call.

The honor volunteers sacrificed their love for their families. While caring for her boyfriend, Ariana has long been associated with the brother of Azzz volunteers.

After cheating on Ryan, Darius Safia didn’t believe in love. She wants to be single until she takes care of her parents.

Both of their families proposed the candidate and they agreed. Without knowing that they will meet on the day of the wedding.

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