Here’s how to keep your friendships alive like a damn adult

As you get older, the days seem to diminish and time just keeps slipping. We have suddenly become so busy with school, work and youth that maintaining friendships is not as easy as it used to be in school. Even so, it can be easy to let them slip. Despite time, struggles and great affection, I have come up with the best formula for defeating the system and deceiving my way through it.

Disclaimer: It’s entirely possible that I’m not very good at it, to be honest. Perfect friends don’t last long after preschool, though, so this is probably the closest we get to any of us.

1. Choose your battles wisely.

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Let’s be honest, you really don’t want to be in contact with everyone you’ve ever had lunch with in high school. Some of them can be your best friends all your life. Or maybe none of them will. You have to make this choice – who is able to spend your limited time?

2. Accept the change.

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There is no such friendship that can keep up with seeing each other no more than once a month, from meeting at eight in the morning to school. And that’s fine. Sometimes, it’s easy to go with the flow and try not to fight it all the time.

3. Make your people a priority.

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Listen, we all have those days where we want to come home, dig in a corner of the sofa and it doesn’t exist for the next three weeks. It happens to the best of us. And maybe, like these days, you don’t want to talk to another human being. But Probably You can be helped by calling your best friend and crying about life until you are really hooked on the inside of the joke and you can hardly get over it.

4. It should not sweat.

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Distance is not always the worst thing. For example, an old friend and I talk to one maybe every two months and we don’t always know what’s going on in each other’s lives or what kind of music we’ve been up to lately. What we do know is that if I find myself trapped in life, I still understand perfectly what it means to say the least. Sometimes, it’s okay to not be as close as you were before, because distance does not matter to you and there is no problem in accepting it.

5. Make the most of your time.

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If you’re saying that you’ve never talked to a friend while doing a multi-task, like cooking or dressing or even in the bathroom, then I just have to tell you a lie. Sometimes, you are busy pulling you in six different directions, but you actually miss talking to your friend so there is basically no other option than multitask. And you know, when you make dinner you are video chatting with your phone while you are making up or through the sink on the counter. Is An amazing form of communication.

6. Accept group chats as your new best friend

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Even if scheduling conflicts and work commitments and life in general is preventing you from having deep conversations about the meaning of the universe and what not, just a few moments of being upset about celebrity gossip That’s good This is a great place to have a mute dialogue with full response gifs.

7. Memes as “۔ €” and your other best friend.

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Really, if you aren’t tagged in at least one meme every day, do you have real friends too? From stupid videos to Facebook jokes to funny jokes on Instagram, the meme can be just a thousand years old in a way that instantly shows affection. It definitely shows someone that you think about them better than you think, And You can laugh at it.

8. Don’t stress about it; it’s not worth it.

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In the moment when it finally hits you that you just talked to people who are your teammates this week and the cat can be tough. It can even hit you from the butt at night, right in the middle of your Netflix binoculars, and will leave you feeling overwhelmed by how you have been alone lately. But if you’re happy like that, that’s fine too. There is no need to stress about not attaching a hose to your friends all the time because a little bit of space is good for everyone.

9. Be a little selfish.

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If someone is making you feel sad, separate them from your life. If you are separated from someone and don’t really care, move on. If this is you willing to ignore a stranger friend, go for it. As an adult, it is perfectly acceptable to put yourself and your needs first, even if it sometimes means compromising on friendship.

10. Conversation.

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As any teenage romance movie has ever taught us, lack of communication can kill even the most beautiful couple. It also applies so easily to the fantasy world, and you know what? Those films were not wrong. Even if you are busy, tired, bully, angry, just letting someone know that you are dealing with something and instead of ignoring their texts will return ASAP to them. Can make a world of difference. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your relationship with a friend looks like, if you can communicate effectively, your friendship can take some serious struggle.

11. Celebrate each other.

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We all know a few dozen friendly people we don’t really talk to, and who only count as friends in the most superficial sense of the word. If you see something cool that you miss them, or if you see them posting about something in their timeline, they still have to look at it once in awhile. It’s nice to leave the line.

12. You Should Not Remember

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Of course, FOMO is a very real problem. And of course, it will help you to relax your mind. It’s great you don’t get involved. But while it’s not possible for you to be present for each other all the time, try to be there for your friends when you need them. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t text in two weeks unless you count at that time.

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