Become the youngest 4 year old genius boy in the world’s highest IQ Association

Incredible story of a talented boy. The baby is only 4-year-old Mohammad Harez Nadezim Mohammad Halmi Naeem.

Muhammad Harris has obtained 142 Mental Fitness (IQ) Standards in the Stand Ford Bennett Exam. This made him the youngest member of the World High IQ Association, Mensa.

According to the Daily Sunshine report, Mohammad Hariz has been reading the book for about 2 years. His eligibility was discovered by his mother Noor Anirin Asakin Hashim and his father.

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According to her mother, her only child was born in the United Kingdom (UK) and spends at least 2 books a day.

He added that Mohammad Hariz loved books and numbers. From his childhood, Noor Anriachen regularly read books to Mohammad Hariz.

The story goes back to when the book is finished reading, and of course, Mohammad Harez will try to remember the story and tell it to his parents. Wow, this is how the memory of Mohammed Hariz works!

The talent of this talented boy was also recognized by his teacher at the school. She is said to be smarter than her peers. From there her parents started sending an e-mail to a British pediatrician to assess their child’s IQ levels.

As a result, Mohammed Harris scored 142 runs in the Standford Bennett Test and became the youngest member in Manassa.

Source: Sunshine

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