21 things that will 100% happen if you move far from home

Five years ago, I moved out of Boston from my home in college to go south to college.

There are so many things about my life I have never predicted, and there are many ways I have left home. For one thing, I never expected to experience such a culture shock.

Although I was still in the United States, a lot of the experiences seemed completely foreign to me, and when I would go back home from time to time, I would find myself looking at things that were once a brand new lens. Were familiar with. Regardless of the areas or countries you go to or from home, moving away from home is always an adjustment.

1. The customs of greeting are all different even if it is still the language with which you grew up.

(Image description: Student is shaking strangely and then pretending that he is scratching his head)

I’m still not used to strangers who say hello to me on the street.

2. You found out that things were weird that you didn’t even know were weird.

(Image description: bowling candle bowling)

It turns out nobody has heard of the candle bowling.

You. You miss out on the specific things that make you unique.

(Image description: GIF of Duncan donuts iced coffee shining in different colors)

It’s not normal to see seven Duncan donuts in a town of 20,000 people.

â. You might be a little too excited to share the customs and cuisine with where you grew up with new people in your life.

(Image description: food cart GIF)

Whenever I go home I just fill in the food to bring back.

You. You know about the unique things that make this new place unique.

(Image description: Woman smiling with cake in her mouth)

New dessert yes, please

6. You try new things.

(Image description: Rihanna’s GIF saying, “And I’m finding it difficult to change and test new things.)

Hot sauce is now a part of my life.

7. Going home is exciting for two seconds and then you become angry.

(Image description: Ellis hailing from Alice’s Jeff G in Wonderland, holding Alice’s hand in his hand)

Your. Your parents always ask you when you will be home.

(Image description: Gif of a blonde woman on the phone who says “Hi Nub”)

* Shrug *

9. When you get home you have to find a lot of people along the way, which is less than the time limit.

(Image description: GIF of the group embracing Golden Girls)

“Hi! I love you! Bye! ”

10. You realize that most people who say they won’t visit.

(Image description: GIF of a woman looking for a crowd)

“I’ve always wanted to go to ________! I’ve come to see you!”

11. You realize that these are probably the best things to do.

(Image description: GIF of the person entering the fort, closing the door and reading)

Being in the audience is actually exhausting.

12. You will find new holidays and festivals.

(Image description: “Oh Yasas” that runs in the Big Freedom Parade)

Mardi Gras is a game changer.

13. You get a new ring for the food you add.

(Image description: Kids eating spaghetti neck plate)

It’s not the same anywhere.

14. You largely start defending things where you grew up feeling uneasy.

(Image description: A gif of someone who is running to someone in a parking lot and throwing a stack of paper at them with the title “facts”).

It’s called a rotary, not a traffic circle, not a circle. End of discussion.

15. Half of your wardrobe is no longer compatible with your new climate.

(Image description: dog dressed on foot on footpath)

Welcome, think you have to shop!

16. Your slavery becomes a hybrid of the different places in which you live.

(Image description: Maine girls’ lunchroom scene with the text “What to bring?” “Oh, it’s like a dialect from England”)

I used “el” and “devil” in the same sentence.

17. You get home like never before …

(Image description: GIF of the cartoon saying, “I am very home-hungry.”)

As you grow older when you miss an entire season. Fall RIP.

18.… and your appreciation for where you grew up takes you to a whole new level

(Image description: Looking at the woman’s GIF by surprise)

Is the house probably the best?

19. Do you feel conflicted about which sports teams you should be happy with?

(Image description: confused-looking, cycling on facial expressions)

Go… team? IDK !!!

20. You feel like an expert when someone comes to visit you from home and you become their tour guide.

(Image description: Seagway tour guide retreats with GIF megaphone)

Alphabetically, these are my favorite places.

21. You still feel like Nubia, even after years of changing.

(Image description: GIF of a Spongebob, a cartoon with weapons pointed and wrapped around each other)

Wait, where am I?

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