16 tried-and-true techniques to drive away the rishtas

The fact is, globally it has been recognized that a country girl, who has crossed the age of 20, will have to get married, or the world will end.

Because, sadly, women can achieve only one life purpose – finding the perfect man and marrying him, if he becomes a doctor or a lawyer, then you’ve killed Jack Pot. If they are not your parents who constantly pressure you, it will be random aunts or moms who offer to play the role of matchmaker beautifully.

For those of you who want to avoid such competition, however, we have some tips for you.

1. Circumcision

A white, white couple standing together. The person says, "And humor is like a second language to me."

(Image description: A white, white colored couple standing next to each other. The person says, “And sarcasm is like a second language to me.”) Via GIPHY

Circumcision is one of the best weapons in the world if used properly.

This is one of the things I use a lot every day, but when a dear aunt asks me about it. When finished, it goes over the drive. You see that the satirist will ensure you are the result of one of two, either they will catch the satirical word and think you are too abusive, or they think you are serious and crazy. ۔ Both work very well. As a stormy woman likes to say, “Sorry, I’m busy finding ways to kill husbands” to get out of the water.

2. Deep lip stick

A gray woman is shading a deep blue lipstick on her lips.

(Image description: A brown woman is shading a deep blue lipstick on her lips.) Via GIPHY

Black lip is scaring stick desks, I don’t know why but it’s science. It may have something to do with the fact that it ruins the face of an “ideal, polite wife” but it seems to be working. I really like wearing black lipstick, staring at people emotionally and forcing them to think I’m a less important jin.

3. Unable to make tea

A brown, Indian woman looks angry after sipping a cup of tea.

(Image description: A brown, Indian woman looks unhappy after sipping a cup of tea.) Via GIPHY

Chai is basically life as any certified indigenous should know, the better the tea, the higher your status at home. I mean, I guess it’s kind of annoying because once you know your abilities, people never ask you to make tea. So, what can be more than a woman who can’t make tea? That makes Bad Chi!

Sorry, you will no longer be content with your daughter-in-law.

4. Give feedback

A blonde, white woman screams angrily,

(Image description: A blonde, white woman screaming angrily, my opinion! G â) via GIPHY

For most of us, this is not a difficult task, I am known for going into a random conversation about the current state of the world. But maybe, just maybe, if we realize we are doing too much, we will be left alone. I want to go for sensitive areas that are prohibited because you are happy to see Auntie in shock after sexually speaking openly to Auntie.

5. Cut off the locks

A cartoon Chinese woman kneels on the ground. With a sword, she cuts a piece of her dark hair.)

(Image description: A cartoon Chinese woman kneeling on the ground. With a sword, she cut a piece of her dark hair.) Via GIPHY

Well, I’ll admit it’s a bit stiff, so maybe use it as a last resort. I have to allow my hair to go to the long hairstyles. However, my parents hate it. I see myself as very manly, very “modern” and if you want to go a step further – paint it a beautiful color.

* Sigh *

Yes, I was there.

6. Doing something weird

A dark haired, Indian woman screams in a hilarious way! (No!) Â € covering his ears and shaking his head slightly.

(Image description: A dark-haired, Indian woman covering her ears with humor and shaking her head slightly.) Via GIPHY

This is definitely the most fun: put on your serious face and do amazing lunacy to get everyone around you. If you stick to the ideas, here are some.

  • Start talking to an imaginary friend.
  • Every time someone says something, start laughing and when they stop, immediately. Stop.
  • Start emotionally – wrapping, ideally a raw song.
  • Grab something weird, wrap it in a blanket and start stroking and singing on it.

7. Talk about money.

Black woman in yellow dress is in conversation. Dynamically, she says,

(Image description: Black woman in yellow dress is in conversation. Dynamically, she says, “Black women are not out for the money of men. We are out to support ourselves, and this I am out to promote wealth and financial independence (a system that has never supported us before. G) through GIPHY

Well, every mother wants to show her son the right way? So lift them up on it.

Ask about their career and development opportunities. Then start asking about pay and discuss how much you will benefit if a divorce occurs. Make a financial plan in front of them.

8. You Don’t Need a Baby

A blonde, white-haired woman is adorning a black dress because she finds something unpleasant.

(Image description: A blonde, white woman in black dress when she finds something unpleasant.) Via GIPHY

Ultimate Indigenous parents dream of reducing their stress on marriage, and almost all their pleasant interactions with their marriage-age children are giving them grandchildren. Desi parents do not feel much more successful and selfish than marrying their grandchildren in front of their extended family and friends. Therefore, you all need to be confident that you do not see children adapting to your life plan.

9. Clothing – “properly”

A girl's legs are visible as she rolls around in a short, floral skirt.

(Image description: A girl’s legs look like this when she rolls around in a short, floral skirt.) Via GIPHY

Most indigenous families are an example of their daughter-in-law. When they arrive, you are expected to reflect the perfect, respectful daughter of the bride they have always wanted. Drop your best suit or your best Western-looking Western scroll. Instead, give them the biggest shock of your life. Scatter their cultural views.

Put on something they will never even imagine wearing to you!

10.- Your routes are not round

(Image description: A round piece of bread (bread) is being poorly cooked on a flat plan on a stove.) Via GIPHY

Just as disgusting as not being able to make a reasonable cup of tea is enough to make a round loaf, or a loaf of bread for that matter. As a good desi daughter, your favorite place to be is kitchenware, because who doesn’t like to spend hours in the kitchen when all the men are watching cricket or sleeping. Better to say you can’t cook, and to ask if he cooks.

Spoiler: It’s not one.

11. Talk about your life plans

(Image description: Two Indian women are talking, one older, one younger. Older saying, “What are you saying?” From younger.)

Whether it’s going back to school, traveling, starting a business, volunteering, or whatever you want to do yourself, tell them that husband is more important than finding and having a baby, which of course But that would be against a bull. You are probably told that this is not as important as having a man but it is important to maintain that it is not more important than what a man wants to do.

List your list

(Image description: “What does she think of herself?” Says an Indian woman above the red halter as she steps down the stairs with a group of other women behind her.) Gappy

Everyone has their own wish list in their spouse, which, unfortunately, Rishi Aunty doesn’t care to consider when it comes to arranging you with such a “nice guy” all the time. Trying to Possible sweaters, draw your own list, and make it as funny as you want. Make up – If he’s a doctor, say you want to get married to an engineer, or he has to get rich and wear only blue socks.

13. Get a really weird pet

A white, brown-haired girl lovingly moves the tarantula from one hand to the other.

(Image description: A white, brown-haired girl lovingly moves Tarantula from one hand to the other as she roams.)

Talking to the in-laws hold a monitor lizard and / or tarantula on our shoulders and tell them that you refuse to be separated from your animal (bonus points if you love to laugh at it with a laugh) ۔

14. Let’s know you’re not a housewife

A girl with blue eyes piercing her face is seriously staring at her as she says,

(Image description: A blue piercing of the face surrounds serious eyes with glowing eyes when she says, “I do not order.”) Via Gappy

Many groom families look for someone who will continue to save their sons. Please refuse, but still, instead of helping them find daycare.

15. Be Normal at School … Always

A gray-haired woman with a dark lighter rolls between her lips as she studies intensely with the pages of her hand.

(Image description: A dark-haired brown woman is wiggling slightly between her lips as she studies intensely with the pages of her hand.) Via GIPHY

The only thing is that some indigenous parents will be suitable partners in marriage, and they will keep higher education. In addition, your parents will boast about your PhD. What is the diameter of the Lido reception in comparison to the development.

16. Speak your native language in a horrible way

(Image description: A blonde, white woman dressed in leopard print says, “Look what you’ve done to me,” and she holds the award in one hand.) Via Gappy

No, I do not mean that you pretend, or say no at all. I mean completely helping to put the pronunciation down, make yourself an American dialect, and make it possible for you to hear the bad harmonium cover of Taylor Swift singing instead.

Appreciate this survival guide and let us know if you have any further thoughts on this topic, we need them.

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