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My grandmother, the doll, makes the best meal I have ever tasted. It is rich in butter (too much butter), fat, cheese, and all these delicious things. She spends a week before Thanksgiving and baking bread for dressing (and no dressing is like stuffing and I will counter what anyone says), like various pecans and apple pies, and other desserts. آڑو موچی۔ As you can imagine, her house smells amazing. – Now, because our family’s political views are different, we do not discuss politics at the table. Instead, all the focus is on food, and, unfortunately, football. Since I hate the NFL and don’t really play sports in general, my focus is 100% on eating.

Featured dishes are some of my personal favorites. It’s not really stored in the holiday family. If these dishes aren’t there, am I okay?

Corn bread dressing


No dressing is to be filled. I do not have to repeatedly fill the dressing. It’s much better than filling things. The doll makes a large pan of this delicious dish (which also has a designated blue pan because it makes it) that makes for the best survivors. It is made of chicken, eggs, corn bread, and piles of spices. This is actually my favorite dish. Put a small goblet gravy on top and oh, heaven on a plate. Because I’m sure everyone should eat the dressing, so here’s a link to a similar version of the doll recipe. That’s just one thing for me, but I totally think the taste of cornbread improves when it’s made in a cast iron skillet. I really think that if I made it any other way, my mother and grandmother would deny me.

Grandma’s mac and cheese


Y’all… this mac and cheese is the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. And, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Everyone in the circle of dolls loves their mac and cheese. She would bring it to Pot Lakes and other church gatherings and people would go to the woods. This mac and cheese is gooey, cheesy goodness. The doll believes that Tabasco’s sauce is what separates it from your average mac and cheese. I personally think it’s in it and like 500 layers of cheese it added to this wonderful dish.

Greenberg Turkey Smoking


It’s a tradition in East Texas that I never want to miss. Greenberg is perfected. The meat is moist and tender. You don’t have a turkey sandwich unless you have a Greenberg turkey sandwich left over. Basically, this turkey is changing lives. Seriously if you ever find yourself in East Texas for the holidays, buy a Greenberg turkey. Even close friends love it! My mom is not a fan of Turkey, but she will embrace Greenberg.

Broccoli and rice casserole


I think this might be one of my first fuses. It’s pleasant and delicious all around. I won’t lie I have hidden the left part so that no one will have it. The doll is on me, but she never cheats me because I’m fond of her (sorry if you’re reading this) to die for this dish. Dolls use cheese sauce, sliced ​​broccoli, and white rice. It’s not healthy at all, but oh my gosh it’s delicious.

Green bean casserole


Although this is a typical Thanksgiving dish, my doll makes it especially delicious. It’s creamy, but it’s also thanks to the lightly fried onions on top. But the best thing about this dish is that the doll is usually made just for me because no one in our fame loves it as much as I do. It pays to be a favorite grandson (sorry no sis) # win

And of course, sweet potatoes


We eat it all year, but if this doll doesn’t make sweet potatoes in the dough, Thanksgiving is not. What is nice about sweet potatoes is that you can eat them as a side, and later have them for dessert. All you have to do is add marshmallows and boom. More sweet potatoes. The only sad part of this dish is that there are usually not many leftovers.

It’s time for dessert. The doll usually makes two pecans (pronounced priest) and apple pies, usually a peach cobbler, sometimes cheesecake if my grandfather requested, and a pumpkin or rice pie. Other family members bring stuff, too, but I’m honestly only interested in pecans and apple pies. Pecan is my favorite because when I was a kid, it was the dish that I always helped create. In fact, if you look at the handwritten version of the doll, it will say “Glossy Pecan Pie”. You wish you found a pie by your name * put a sunglasses here. *

Since we all believe that we make the best Thanksgiving dinner, we all enjoy it with our friends and family. And if you’re like me, ignore everything except food, a republic that’s surrounded by Republicans. Just keep eating, eating, and eating and eventually, you will fall asleep and then no one can tell you how wrong your opinion is.


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